Geometric Shapes / Stones
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Geometric Shapes / Stones

Sometimes the experience calls for something different, which is why we developed the Contemporary Alternatives Series with Geometric Shapes and Stones.

ANSI Certified G45A Burner System

G45-24A Shown

ANSI Certified burner with pre-assembled control valve and regulator

  • Main burner for great log presentation
  • Extra burner in front for additional front flame
  • Ember Glow creates a realistic look
  • Available in sizes 16 to 60 inches

  • Compatible with all RHP control systems
  • See our G45 See through options

  • On/Off Remote Option (APK-11)
  • Variable Flame Height Remote Option(APK-17/APK-15)
  • Electronic Pilot On/Off Remote Option (EPK-1)
  • G45 Instructions Manual

Double Side Burner

3282 AOG Double Side Burner

Enjoy precise flame control on each burner to prepare side dishes and sauces for your meal. Two (2) 15,000 BTU burners. Available with porcelain cast grid.


Electronic, non-standing pilot system designed to be installed outside the firebox


Low profile valve system that maximizes flame presentation and allows adjustment of flame height with remote control. VR-1A included.


Automatic remote pilot lighting system. Features flame sensing pilot activation and no standing pilot. Remote control or manual option. RR-1A included.


Manual knob control safety pilot kit.


Manual Valve Control system.

  • Standing Pilot system
  • Manual Variable flame control
  • Low profile
  • Heat Shield Included

  • Compatible with most Real Fyre Vented burners
  • up to 115,000 btu capacity – Natural Gas
  • Up to 186,000 btu capacity – Propane
  • May use with burner sizes 12″-36″ (12-60 G4 Propane burners)

Charred Oak

Model CHD-24 with G45 burner shown

Like an artist who can bring the beauty of nature to life, Real-Fyre artisans work from real wood samples to meticulously recreate the intricate bark detail and natural coloration of deeply charred wood.


  • Superior refractory ceramics ensure the logs retain their strength at high temperatures
  • Burns efficiently while protecting natural resources and reducing pollution
  • High definition bark and natural colors for an authentic wood look
  • Steel rods inserted in each log provides maximum reinforcement
  • Radiant heat while in operation and after set has been turned off
  • Accessories available to enhance the look of your hearth
  • View Charred Oak Log Placement

Available in the following sizes and burner systems:

16″, 18″, 24″, 30″

16″, 18″, 24″, 30″

18″, 24″, 30″

Old English Coal

V-24 Shown

Shown with 24″ G4 burner system

Experience the Old English Coal from Real-Fyre and experience what’s worth remembering.

  • Ember Glow creates a realistic look
  • Available in 18″,  24″, and 30″

  • On/Off Remote Option (APK-11)
  • Variable Flame Height Remote Option(APK-17/APK-15)
  • Electronic Pilot On/Off Remote Option (EPK-1)