Decor Packs
RH Peterson sets the standard in quality for grills and gas logs. Find the perfect match for your magic hour.
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Decor Packs

Wood Chunk Decor Cover

Model No. WCDC-1 Shown

Charred Valve Cover

Model No. CHEC-1 Shown

Designer Valve Cover

Model No. WCEC-1 Shown

Decor & Valve Covers

Hides Valves, Remote Receiver, and Crackler.

White Sand

Shown CS-10 Silica Sand

Ember Glow

EM-1 Embers

Lava-Fyre Coals & Granules

Shown LF-10 Lava-Fyre Granules

*Also available LFC-10 Lava-Fyre Coals


Fender Cast Iron Model No. FF-04-**

Available in 18″, 24″, 30″

Cut & Clean Combo

Model 3582-1

Durable and functional, Bamboo Cutting Boards are perfect for preparing meats and vegetables for grilling. 12″ x 14″