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Fire Magic

Fire Magic’s new Echelon grill

Grilling at Another Level

Fire Magic’s new Echelon grill is a high-tech smoker, rotisserie oven and barbecue all in one. Unlike many grills, which are purely gas-powered, the Echelon is combination gas and electric. The main grill lights using a hot-surface ignition system, much like the way a clothes dryer turns on, rather than the usual pilot light. Price: $7,385

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Whats Your Winter Health IQ

Interesting Health Quiz from Parade Magazine.
by Colleen Oakley
[Illustration by: Chip Wass]

Question # 8:  True or false: Artificial gas-log fireplaces are typically safer than wood-burning fireplaces.

Answer:  Several studies have found that natural wood smoke contains at least five known human carcinogens. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you can make it less harmful by burning hardwood, such as ash or beech, which emits lower levels of damaging particles compared with softwood like pine.

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