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AOG Island Systems

INTRODUCING THE NEW AOG ISLAND SYSTEMS! Designed specifically for AOG® grills, this new island significantly improves upon all of our previous knock-down models. Created from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) material, the new island touts a much greater durability. It arrives in 5 simple to assemble pieces which makes helping that customer create the outdoor kitchen of their dreams that much easier. Your customers will want to buy it for its simplistic beauty and ease of assembly.

AOG island

Available in two Sizes

DC790-CBR-108SM (Pictured) Product lists:

• 36NB (Grill) + AD-36B (Trim Kit)

• REF-20 (Fridge) or 16-15-DSSD

• 53938S (Double Access Doors)

• 20-14-SSDL (Single Access Door)

 DC430-CBR-75SM (Not Pictured) Product lists:

• 24NB (Grill) + AD-24B (Trim Kit)

• REF-20 (Fridge) or 16-15-DSSD

• 14-20-SSDL (Single Access Door)

• 20-14-SSDL (Single Access Door)

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