Echelon Diamond Series


Aurora Series

High Quality, Performance, and Outstanding Durability – The Fire Magic Aurora Series

Charcoal Series

Quality and style of a stainless steel outdoor grill for the charcoal grilling enthusiast.

Legacy and Electric Series

Legendary grills that still deliver extraordinarily high quality – that’s the Legacy Collection from Fire Magic.


Fire Magic offers all the accessories you need for your Fire Magic outdoor grill.

New Products For 2013

NEW Echelon Diamond “A” Series

This “sibling” grill to the Echelon Diamond boasts the same sleek styling, with curved face and beautiful backlit knobs, however this option features a simple analog thermometer in the hood encircled in a highly polished stainless steel bezel. Interior lights and backlit knobs are easily controlled by the master switch.

“A” Series Stand Alone With Power Burner

Model Shown: E1060s-4EAN-51

  • 48″ x 22″ Cooking Area (1,056 Sq In.)
  • Grilling BTU’s 115,000
  • Backburner BTU’s 22,000

Also Available

  • Double Side Burner (Model Number E1060s-4EAN-71)
  • Flush Mounted Single Side Burner (Model Number E1060s-4EAN-62)

“A” Series Stand Alone With Double Sideburner

Model Shown: E790s-4EAN-71

  • 36″ x 22″ Cooking Area (792 Sq In.)
  • Grilling BTU’s 99,000
  • Backburner BTU’s 13,000

Available Sizes

  1. E1060s 48″ x 22″ Cooking Area (1,056 Sq in.)
  2. E790s 36″ x 22″ Cooking Area (792 Sq In.)
  3. E660s 30″ x 22″ Cooking Area (660 Sq In.)

“A” Series Built-In Grill


Model Shown:E790i-4EAN

  • 36″ x 22″ Cooking Area (792 Sq In.)
  • Grilling BTU’s 99,000
  • Backburner BTU’s 13,000

Available Sizes:

  1. E1060i 48″ x 22″ Cooking Area (1,056 Sq in.)
  2. E790i 36″ x 22″ Cooking Area (792 Sq In.)
  3. E660i 30″ x 22″ Cooking Area (660 Sq In.)

New Choice Grills

Model Shown: C540i-1T1N

Tubular Stainless Steel Burners, analog thermometer, and 9 volt electronic ignition in this Aurora style grill with simple satin stainless steel face plate.

  • 30″ x 18″ Cooking Area (540 Sq in.)
  • Grilling BTU’s 60,000
  • Also available in 432 Sq in. Model Number: C430

Aurora Combo Grill Stand Alone

Model Shown: A830s-2E1N-61-CB

The precise grilling and ease of use that comes from an A430s gas grill is matched with the flavor and tenderness of foods cooked on the companion charcoal grill.

  • 24″ x 18″ Cooking Area (432Sq in.)
  • Grilling 50,000 BTU’s
  • Backburner 16,000 BTU’s

New Large Capacity Ice Maker

Model Shown: 3593

  • Produces 44 lbs of ice in a 24 hour period and can store up to 25 lbs in its storage bin.
  • UL listed for outdoor use and an “Energy Star”

Echelon Diamond Single Searing Station

Model Shown: 32874-1

Cut Out: 14″w x 22¾”d x 12″ h

  • Blue backlit LED Knob
  • up to 900° of searing power
  • 24,400 BTU’s
  • Contoured polished face matches Echelon Diamond design
  • Connects to wiring harness in Echelon grills

Echelon Diamond Refreshment Center

Model Shown: 3596

Cut Out: 25½” w x 23½” d x 12″ h

  • Dual doors for easy access to ice and beverages
  • Holds approximately 30lbs of ice to keep refreshments chilled
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Attached bottle opener
  • Convenient bottle storage area in the front
  • Easy draining for the ice storage bin
  • Drain Kit included

Buffet Warming Accessory

Model Shown:23830-SW-CD

The Buffet Warming Accessory has 4 stainless steel covered containers to keep side dishes, soups, vegetables and bread warm until serving time.

4 Stainless steel containers with lids to keep food warm

  • 2 Rectangular containers: 9½”w x 5½”d x 4″h
  • 1 Large Rectangular container:11¾”w x 9½”d x 4″h
  • 1 Medium container: 6″w x 5½”d x 6″h

Aurora Grill Light

Model Shown: 3574

Light up your life–and your grill–with the new Aurora Grill Light.

The halogen 10 watt bulbs are identical to the built in lights on the Echelon Diamond Grill.

  • Fits all Aurora & AOG grills
  • Attaches easily to existing rotisserie bracketing
  • Uses a bright 10 watt halogen bulb
  • 110V electrical outlet required
  • Sealed on/off switch