RH Peterson sets the standard in quality for grills and gas logs. Find the perfect match for your magic hour.

International Builder Show FireMagic Grill Winner

Before winning the Fire Magic grill at the IBS, we had been searching the local big box stores to find the right grill for our new home. We could not find one that the “feel” matched the price tag. After receiving our grill from Fire Magic, we now understand the value of their product verses the other stuff on the market. Much like the custom homes we build, it does not take long to realize with this grill that you have something that will perform well for a long time…You get what you pay for. The grill not only looks great, but the components are well built and substantial. The consistency of the flame was perfect. We could not be happier with this grill and plan to make Fire Magic our recommended product line for our customers’ outdoor cooking needs.

Thanks again!
C. Richardson

Mr. & Mrs. Richardson, with RH Peterson Sr. VP, Tod Corrin

Fire Magic In Times Square

Take a look at this Ad in Times Square New York

Accessory Pack HHA-1

Accessories Pack 1 (HHA-1)

4 Small Wood Chips, 3 Small Pines Cones, & Lava Fyre Granules

Charcoal Smoker 24S-SMB

24S-SMB Shown

Stainless Steel Smoker

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dual Top Smoke Stack Ventilation
  • Digital Thermometer with Meat Probe
  • Air Intake from bottom of the front door

  • Air Intake from Rear Bottom
  • Gravity Fed Fuel System in Back
  • Bottom Tray for Holding Liquid

  • Storage base drawer
  • 5 Spacious Racks of Food Space
  • Removable Charcoal Ash Tray

Accessory Pack HHA-2

Accessories Pack 2 (HHA-2)

4 Wilderness Pine Cones & 6 Charred Wood Chips.

Campfyre Logs

Model Shown: OCL-34

This set has the look of the real campfire. Giving you that middle-of-the-woods campfire experience in your own backyard.

Beachwood Logs

Model Shown: OCBW-34

Made to Simulate a bonfire on the beach, this set includes charred branches and volcanic stones.

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