RH Peterson sets the standard in quality for grills and gas logs. Find the perfect match for your magic hour.

Charcoal Smoker 24S-SMB

24S-SMB Shown

Stainless Steel Smoker

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dual Top Smoke Stack Ventilation
  • Digital Thermometer with Meat Probe
  • Air Intake from bottom of the front door
  • Air Intake from Rear Bottom
  • Gravity Fed Fuel System in Back
  • Bottom Tray for Holding Liquid
  • Storage base drawer
  • 5 Spacious Racks of Food Space
  • Removable Charcoal Ash Tray

Accessory Pack HHA-2

Accessories Pack 2 (HHA-2)

4 Wilderness Pine Cones & 6 Charred Wood Chips.

Campfyre Logs

Model Shown: OCL-34

This set has the look of the real campfire. Giving you that middle-of-the-woods campfire experience in your own backyard.

Beachwood Logs

Model Shown: OCBW-34

Made to Simulate a bonfire on the beach, this set includes charred branches and volcanic stones.

Volcanic Stones

Model Shown:VS-25

Volcanic Stones provide a rocky look and start to glow red after they burn for a while. Great for adding an island fire look to your backyard.

Decor Pack DP-2

Decor Pack Model No. DP-2 Shown

Decor Pack DP-5

Decor Pack Model No. DP-5 Shown

Decor Pack DP-7

Decor Pack Model No. DP-7 Shown

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