RH Peterson sets the standard in quality for grills and gas logs. Find the perfect match for your magic hour.

Large Sets & See-Thru Sets

Charred American Oak


Model : CHAO

  • Sizes: 18″ – 30″

Golden Oak Designer Plus


Model : RDP

  • Sizes: 12″ – 60″

Rugged Split Oak


Model : RRSSO

  • Sizes: 18″ – 30″

American Oak


Model : AO

  • Sizes: 18″ – 30″

Charred Rugged Split Oak


Model : CHRRSO

  • Sizes: 18″ – 30″

Charred Oak


Model : CHD

  • Sizes: 16″ -30″

Mammoth Pine (MPEC)


Model : MPEC

  • Sizes: 24″ -60″

Unique in their design and purpose, the specialty sets are crafted to meet the needs of specific fireplace types. Now, whatever the experience you hope to spark, Real Fyre can make it a reality. Experience a Specialty Set from Real Fyre and experience what’s special.

See-Thru Sets Not Pictured:

Charred Royal English Oak (CHB)

Royal English Oak Designer (BD)

Split Oak Designer Plus (SPD)